Alcohol sales forbidden on March 1 for Makha Bucha Day

For those that don’t keep an eye on the date here in Thailand March the 1st is a very special day in the Buddhist calendar as the kingdom prepares to celebrate Makha Bucha Day which happens every year in March on the night of the full moon.

The celebration marks the anniversary of Buddha’s first major sermon.

It is tradition to start the day by offering alms to monks before attending temples to listen to sermons and light candles.

Alcohol sales forbidden on March 1 for Makha Bucha Day

In an announcement made by the Prime Ministers Officer there will be five days this year where the sale of alcohol is not permitted, March 1st will be one of them.

The other days where alcohol sales are forbidden are Visakha Bucha, Khao Pansa, Arsarnraha Bucha and Wan Org Pansa, the only places exempt from the ban are duty free shops at airports.

Those who might need to use services such as immigration offices should do so a day earlier as all government buildings across the kingdom will also be closed as well as most major banks.

Source: Phuket News

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