CHAING MAI March 17th: After setting up a sting operation police arrested two suspects, an Australian man & a Dutch National in the Mai Rim district of Chiang Mai yesterday. The arrest took place in the parking lot of a local shopping mall. Apparently these two chopper riding suspects were allegedly trying to extort an Australian restaurant owner out of 1.7 million Baht.

The alleged victim aged somewhere in his 50s complained to police that the two bikers had threatened to kill his family if he failed to pay the money. The suspects of course say they are completely innocent of these charges.

The restaurant owner actually paid the two men 300,000 Baht out of the 1.7 million they demanded because he feared for the lives of himself and his family. He went on to explain how he previously told the Australian man he suspected his ex business partner had cheated him. The men, he claimed then told him they would collect the debt on his behalf. He also said that he really didn’t want the two men to collect the money for him, all he wanted to do was make a complaint about it.

The victim said the two men told him it had already cost them 1.7 million Baht trying to collect the debt for him from his former business partner. The victim was supposed to pay the whole amount yesterday but filed a complaint with police instead. He had also filed a complaint with police against his former business partner.

Police said they are also investigating some separate complaints regarding the foreigners for allegedly extorting money from tourists.


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