Over 100 victims lose more than Bt60 million in Facebook alleged gold bidding scam

An alleged scam that cost over 100 people in the region of 60 million baht has been uncovered on Facebook.

Ratchuda Thongyaem offered gold bars and ornaments at knocked down rates to entice people into purchasing the items online.

Opportunities which were “too good to be true” were offered to victims in the form of massive savings such as gold at almost 5000 baht lower than the market value for 12.5 grams of the valuable metal.

Once the money had been pocketed, the schemers were supposed to dispatch the purchases by mail to their clients but of course they didn’t. They simply closed shop and disappeared.

One victim of the scam has reportedly lost 13 million baht.

Another, Naiphaporn Promsaeng, 32, told how she began bidding for gold on the Facbook page back in December. She actually received her gold and made a profit by selling it on to gold shops.

Believing she was was onto a good thing, she continued to make purchases but the parcels failed to arrive for February and March.

But in another twist, Ratchuda Thongyaem said in her final post on her Facebook page claiming she was not planning on fleeing with the cash and would honour all agreements.

Let’s hope that she does.


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