Officers in Buri Ram’s Chaturat district arrested the alleged robber who stole 270,000 baht from a Thanachart Bank in Bangkok this morning (September 18.)

Wattana Phujarit was arrested this morning for the bank robbery which happened on September 7.

Polite man who allegedly robbed a Bangkok bank arrested in Buri Ram

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When officers took Wattana into custody they found in his possession 240,880 baht as well as the gun he used to rob the bank.

Officers said they will now send Wattana to Bangkok later today for further questioning.

It was reported that when Wattana allegedly robbed the bank he told the cashier at gun point “I’m sorry, I have financial problems.”

He then calmly walked out of the bank even having the security guard open the door for him assuming he was a bike messenger.

Source : Thenation

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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