ambulance crash

If you are ever in need of transportation to a hospital using one of Thailand’s ambulances, you expect to get their in one piece  right?

Well maybe not following reports of an emergency vehicle crashing when the driver fell asleep at the wheel.

The driver was seen to be nodding off by one of two nurses who were travelling with him. She nudged him but as he came to, panic set in and as a result, he lost control of the ambulance, which ended up on its side.

The vehicle was returning to Ban Phai Hospital when the incident occurred. They had just completely a drop off of a patient at Khon Kaen Hospital.

Thankfully, there were no serious injuries for the three occupants but they were taken to hospital for observation as a precaution.

Yuthana Baibong, who was driving the ambulance, informed the police he had felt tired during his shift, which began earlier in the day.

Possibly next time, the driver should consider getting out the ambulance before he kills someone?


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