An American man was taken into custody after being discovered behind the wheel of a missing rental car is now claiming that he had no recollection of stealing the car which was parked near to his hostel in Chiang Mai and driving it a significant distance stating that he must have been sleepwalking.

Police with the help of the car’s owner tracked down the missing automobile using the car’s GPS and once they caught up with the vehicle discovered 22-year-old Jared Goldston behind the wheel.

Officers took the young man into custody roughly two hours after the car was discovered missing after the allegedly sleep walking/ driving man had managed to travel over 30 kilometres across Chiang Mai.

American man allegedly was sleepwalking when he stole a car in Chiang Mai

Once officers caught up with the vehicle at the Sri Boonruang Intersection a brief foot chase ensued where the panicked American man attempted to flee from the rental car which was now sporting a dented bumper.

Mr Goldston told officers that he had been in the Kingdom for two days prior to his arrest and planned on traveling around Thailand for a month, he said he must have been “sleepwalking” when he took the car and noted that he often sleepwalks when he feels stressed.

He said he had no memory of taking the car or crashing it after he had taken it but said he would compensate the owner fully for the damages.

Officers have since charged the young American man with theft and the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok has been notified of the situation, if a judge finds him guilty he could be looking at up to three years in prison and or a fine of up to 6,000 baht.

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