Analysts predict Thai economy to grow by at least 4 percent in 2018

Thailand’s economy is expected to grow again this year with experts predicting a 4 percent increase thanks to the momentum generated last year.

Forasmuch as exports and an ever increasing number of tourists vacationing in the kingdom as well as increased investment in projects throughout Thailand and Southeast Asia as a whole.

Kobsidthi Silpachai, the head of the Kasikorn Bank Capital Market Research department spoke to reporters noting that global economic growth is predicted at 3.6 percent throughout 2018, as a result of increasing tourism numbers and investment of both government and private funds into infrastructure and the Eastern Economic Corridor projects here in Thailand investor’s confidence is also increasing allowing the Thai economy to continue growing at a predicted rate of 4 percent.

Analysts predict Thai economy to grow by at least 4 percent in 2018

Kobsidthi did point out factors also preventing the economy from growing at an even faster rate one of which was investor confidence as a result of uncertainties due to the lack of date for the government election and increasing oil prices.

Another leading expert Pisit Puapan, Director of Macroeconomic Analysis at the Fiscal Policy Office attributed the growing Thai economy to booming export and tourism industries which will be the key driving factors for economic growth again this year.

Noting that close attention needs to be paid to Chinese economy and the effects fluctuations in the yuan have on the economy here in Thailand.

Source : NNT

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