Ancient Cannon Found in Sanam Luang

BANGKOK, 27th August 2018, (NNT) – The Department of Fine Arts has dispatched officials to inspect a newly discovered ancient cannon and verify its authenticity. 

Minister of Culture Weera Rojpojanarat, has revealed that the cannon was discovered on August 25th by contract workers working on the pipelines and landscaping of Sanam Luang ceremonial ground. The cannon was found in the ground under the lawn next to Thammasat University.

The ancient artillery is in good condition. It is medium sized with a length of 305 centimeters. Its barrel has a diameter of 40 centimeters and its 22 centimeters in length. The old howitzer is loaded by placing a cannonball into the barrel, and it’s discharged by igniting the cannon’s gunpowder.

Ancient Cannon Found in Sanam Luang
Ancient Cannon Found in Sanam Luang

According to the Department of Fine Arts, the cannon is the same model as that used in various battles such as the war of the nine armies.

Cannons have previously been found in and around the ceremonial ground, as the site was once part of Bavorn Sathan Mongkon Palace.

Earlier artifacts are kept in the Bangkok National Museum in Phra Nakhon district of the capital and at the Ancient Artillery Museum of the Defense Ministry.

Source : NNT


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