Australian Hell’s Angels have joined a local Angels group in Pattaya, with the sole intention of causing havoc within the city’s chapter of the renowned bikers group.

A member of Pattaya’s Angels has took it upon himself to complain to the press following a recent attack by the Aussie’s.

Thirty-nine year old Thaksin Monthonthaksin claims he was assaulted by Australian motorcyclists in Soi Bun Samphan on March 7th.

Thaksin required numerous stitches to a head wound. He also has other facial injuries and bruising around his body, which he says were sustained during the attack.

hells angels

Since the Australians arrived, there has been nothing but trouble within the group according to Mr. Monthonthaksin, the Angels’ Sergeant At Arms is responsible for law and order within the Pattaya Hell’s Angels and is determined to stamp out the infighting and bring harmony back to the group.

hells angels
Thailand has several Biker Gangs spreaded over the country.

The Aussies are targeting the Thai members of the club and causing trouble with other groups, one of which was reported in the news towards the end of 2016, where they were involved in a fight with young people.

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