The two sisters dubbed “angry aunties” by many online who were responsible for attacking a pick-up with an axe and a spade after the owner parked it in front of their Bangkok house blocking access to their driveway have gone to the police station to hear the charges they now face.

The two women Rattanachat Seangyoktrakan, 61 and her sister Ranee Saengyoktrakan, 57 this time turned up to hear the charges after failing to show up to a previous summons issued by Bangkok police officers because it was inconvenient to do so.

The two women heard the charges against them which were causing damage to a person’s property, threat and carrying weapons in a public place, the charges were read at the Prawet district police station today.

"Angry Aunties" show up to police station to hear charges against them

The spirited angry aunties seem that they still have some fight in them however counting the pick-up owners complaint by lodging a police complaint of their own against 37-year-old Ratchanikorn Lertwasana accusing her of bullying them in a public place or causing them to be troubled.

"Angry Aunties" show up to police station to hear charges against them


If charged Ratchanikorn could face up to 1 month in prison and or a fine of up to 10,000 baht, the complaint is often filed by those involved in parking violations in which access has been blocked.

Police had previously fined Ratchanikorn 500 baht for blocking access to the two auntie’s house when they took matters into their own hands and smashed up her pick-up which was captured on camera and widely shared on social media, many people joking commented that it was a bit of an overreaction.

Source: The Nation

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