Animal Trafficker Arrests In Bangkok

A Bangkok woman has been arrested for selling “Slow Lorises” from her home in the capital.

Thirty-year-old Kalyaporn Rukthum was apprehended on Monday in her home in the Bang Kapi district. She had been selling the animals via social media.

A search of the house, revealed eight primates in four cages. The culprit claims to have purchased a few lorises and bred them for sale.

In her defence she told police “I only sell to animal lovers.”

Each one could fetch around 7000 baht for fully grown specimens with infants selling for under 2000 baht.

But is this the tip of the iceberg for animal trafficking in Thailand? Lt. Col. Kitti Yungmee of the Crime Suppression Division environmental task force appears to believe so. Ongoing investigations are continuing in order to bring others to justice for offences that could lead to a four-year prison sentence and a 40,000 baht fine.

Slow Lorises are listed and endangered and vulnerable animals and as such are protected by law.


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