Army Sting Nails Three Rogue Taxi Drivers

A sting involving the Thai military, has nabbed three Bangkok cab drivers, who had been ripping off customers.

Acting on complaints from the public in the Pathum Thani area of the city, regarding overcharging, threatening customers and generally ripping people off, the army decided it was time to take action.

Commander Surachai Jai-eua, set up a trap to nail the rogue drivers.

Firstly three of his men, assumed the role of foreign workers and got in a cab driven by Khajorn “Pui” Bunsoongnern, a 33-year-old driver.

Having given the driver their destination, he set off before asking them “Do you have your paperwork in order to be working in Thailand?”

The sting was working perfectly as the soldiers pretended not to have the required documents to permit them to work in the country. Immediately, the driver locked the doors and demanded 1500 baht from each of them.

He was offered 1000 baht, so Bunsoongnern suggested he speak to their boss. The soldiers did indeed give him their boss’s number, which was that of Commander Surachai Jai-eua.

As the conversation took place inside the car, two other taxis arrived. They began making threats and intimidating the passengers, who unbeknown to them, were of course soldiers.

Army Sting Nails Three Rogue Taxi Drivers

Then the sting came to its fruition as the army moved in to make their arrests.

The Commander said “the drivers faces dropped and they were in a state of shock when they realised they had been conned.”

The two accomplices involved were Tawatchai “Joe” Wonsanga, 37, and Sorasak “Erk” Phonphakha, 34.

All three were arrested, had their vehicles seized and licences revoked before being handed over to police for prosecution.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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