Auntie Vs Dog

A woman in Chiang Mai has placed a large vinyl sign in front of her house to calling for the “eviction” of her neighbor’s dog, aka Jao Bo, after the pooch reportedly bit her poodle on July 20.

House owner Dr. Natjongjin Kengsangsap, 50, said putting up the dog-shaming sign was her last resort. Not only had Jao Bo attacked her dog “Mammoth,” she claimed that Jao Bo also caused trouble to others in the Diya Valley village, all while his owner turned a blind eye.

“Get out, vile dog! I ask for residents of the village to evict this vile dog from our community,” the sign reads.

She told Morning News, “No one dares leaving their houses because this dog always chase after them. The housing committee has warned its owners with a written statement, but they did not take action.”

“So this [putting up a sign] is the only way.”

Auntie Vs Dog

Dr. Natjongjin said it all started when she came home one day to find her poodle injured. She claimed that Jao Bo’s owner refused to take responsibility until she took the case to the police.

The woman ended up getting THB2,000 (US$60) compensation.

Meanwhile, Jao Bo’s owner, 33-year-old Weerachai Sriployroong, has defended his dog, saying it was Mammoth the poodle who came to his house first.

“The truth is, her dog was left unattended. It got out and came to my house,” he told Chiang Mai News.

Weerachai explained when he saw there was a poodle on the loose, he kept Jao Bo inside the house to prevent a fight, but after some time — when he was sure that the poodle was gone — he let Jao Bo out to poop.

But Mammoth was, surprisingly, still around.

Auntie Vs Dog

“The dogs ran into each other. Then they chased each other around. When I separated them, the poodle bit my hand,” Weerachai said, showing a photo of the bite mark from his phone.

“I rang her doorbell and found out no one was home. She claimed that my dog jumped across her fence to attack her dog. That’s not true at all.”

Following the dog-shaming sign drama, Weerachai said he has moved Jao Bo to his relative’s house. It’s a ruff life.

Source : Coconuts


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