A female Australian tourist, who was seriously injured in an accident involving a tour bus, is going home soon.

Stacey Liddle, has endured numerous surgical procedures in a bid to save her leg, which was crushed by a tour bus two weeks ago.

The hospital have said Stacey can now return to her homeland as soon as her family can arrange a flight.

Ms Weldon made the stopover with her son Josh after a trip to the United Kingdom.

Australian press reported that the woman could be detained in Thailand over the hospitals fees but this appears not to be the case at all. A spokesperson announced that Stacey’s family had already paid most of the outstanding bill and was free to leave Thailand on the promise that payment will be received in due course.

Staceys leg

Details regarding the cost of treatment were not disclosed by either party nor was any information with regards to procedures carried out on her leg whilst in hospital. However, it was communicated to all that the girl will not have to have her leg amputated.

A GoFundMe appeal raised 690,000 baht towards the cost of treatment.

Thirty-year-old Liddle, a university student from Brisbane, collided with the tour bus as she rode a rented motorbike on the 26th of October.

Her travel insurance refused to pay out, saying motorcycle accidents were not covered by her policy.

Source: Coconuts

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