An Australian man was subdued by police at Suvarbabhumi airport after wielding two long knives and slashing his own throat twice.

At 1.30 am on Sunday morning police responded to a report that at the airports Tate Café located on the


Australian man slits his own throat at Suvarnabhumi airport

third floor of the terminal finding Australian, Garreth Renner-Mitchell, 34, covered in his own blood from self-inflicted neck wounds. The officers found the distressed Australian man in the café storage room where he was brandishing 15- centimetre kitchen knives in each hand and refusing to let anyone near him.

Officers tried to negotiate with the man but feared he might die from the massive blood loss decided to tackle the man and were able to take away his knives. He was then rushed to hospital.

Australian man slits his own throat at Suvarnabhumi airport

Shop employees told the police he entered the shop alone went straight to the storage area and despite efforts asking him to stop slit his throat two times before terrified employees rang the police.

Officials at this time are investigating the incident to try and find a motive for the man’s actions and have appealed to the Australian Embassy in Thailand for assistance with their investigation.

Source : The Nation

Content : Love Pattaya Thailand



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