Thailand police have asked for his passport to be terminated and a arrest warrant be put out so they can work on finding the location of the millionaire.

It has been five years since Vorayuth had the fatal crash which killed a police officer, when he was driving recklessly in his Ferrari.

He is known to be living a luxury life style in Bangkok and various other countries but was last seen in London. The police will be pressured to find him as three of the four charges against him will expire by September.

Vorayuth seems to be traveling to different countries without difficulty, which goes to show the authorities have been turning a blind eye on this case.

Prosecutors have summoned Vorayuth to court on many occasions, but has blamed his absence due too illness or not being able to make it because of his busy schedule.

It was only on Friday that prosecutors had taken action and successfully won the acceptance of an arrest warrant.

One law for the rich, and another for the poor as the justice system hasn’t been enforced in the way it should have been.


Originally reported by : khaosodenglish


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