The authorities have threatened to take action against schools who hire or continue to use teachers whose visas have expired.

The news follows reports of a nationwide crackdown of foreigners, who are in the country illegally.

Tourist police and other agencies, united to search 123 known locations across Thailand, where they were sure they would find illegal workers. A total of 81 arrests were made, all of which were from abroad.


The so called 7th X-Ray Outlaw Foreigner Operation, sprung into action on Wednesday 11th of April, with results being announced at a press conference hosted by Pol Maj-General Surachet Hakpal, Deputy Police Chief, at Chana Songkram Police Station at 01:00 this morning.

He said a number of people who had overstayed their visa were now in custody as a result of the operation. They included people from Laos, India, Vietnam, Nigeria, Cambodia and Malaysia.

Sixty-two people were arrested for illegally entering Thailand.

During the exercise, international, language and local schools were targetted, where it was discovered that many teachers were working without the correct paperwork.

Action will be taken against any school who makes use of teachers who have no visas or work permits.

Source : TheNation

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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