Auto Passport control gates open at Suvarnabhumi - But only for some

The waiting times at immigration at Suvarnabhumi airport might be sorter for a select few passengers from now on as the new automated passport control gates are now operational

While this might sound like good new don’t get too excited just yet as at the moment the only people allowed to use the gates are travellers from Singapore.

The automated gates take a photo of the traveller, take their fingerprints and record their passport information.

Auto Passport control gates open at Suvarnabhumi - But only for some

At the moment the gates are only at Suvarnabhumi airport but there are plans to roll them out across all of the nation’s airports.

Immigration officials are currently in the process of approving other nationalities to use the new gates though no information has been disclosed as to which nationalities will be added and when.

Lt. Gen. Nattatorn Phrosoontorn of the Immigration Police said that countries will be considered on a case-by-case basis and countries that have a large number of high-quality tourists will have priority.

The announcement follows recent media attention on crowds waiting for up to four hours to clear immigration in recent weeks.

Source : Khaosodenglish

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