Several witnesses claim a Toyota driven by Mr Jain Rahul an Indian national drove out of Soi 14 Sai 2 at a rather dangerous speed before initially colliding with a song thaew, (baht bus) before hitting another pick up truck and eventually crashed into the front door of the Nit Beer bar.

According to Pattaya news the accident happened at 5 am Sunday morning and resulted with some Thai women and five foreign tourists, who were passengers on the bus, being taken to hospital suffering from whiplash, various cuts, other injuries & shock.

The Indian driver Mr Rahul was breathalysed by police who then decided he should be detained for further questioning at the local police station. I’m sure he wouldn’t find that experience too pleasant at 6am Sunday morning in Pattaya. Perhaps had he driven more carefully the accident wouldn’t have happened.

A 44 year old local motorbike taxi rider Mr Jaran Saengkla is calling for speed humps to be installed at the end of Soi 14, he feels people not familiar with the area would be forced to drive more slowly thus reducing the chance of accidents.

The speed hump idea may well help, however it is well documented in Pattaya and all over Thailand that the two main causes of accidents, minor & major, (including road deaths) are alcohol and speed.

It would appear that both these conditions were present in this particular accident.


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