Bad Hair Day For Bangkok Woman

A woman who went for simple hair extensions in Nonthaburi has filed a complaint with trading standards following a bad hair day.

The thirty-year-old, known as Koi, went to the salon in salon in Soi Samakhee to get what she believed was something that would enhance her looks but instead, was too embarrassed to return to work. following the hairdressers work.

A great deal of her hair fell out and what is still attached to her scalp is nothing but entangled, knotty clumps of hair.

She claims the shop would not take responsibility for the damage caused to her hair as they said her hair was damaged ahead of the hairdo.

Then why did they go ahead with the work? Surely they should have told the lady, they could not add the extensions?

They did however offer Koi a course of treatment, which would take a year to complete but it is not clear who would pay for the treatment.

Nott. 25, who is her boyfriend, was similarly distressed when she returned home. He took to social media to vent his anger, posting images on Facebook of the damage to Koi’s hair.

Following a visit to the police, they were advised to go to trading standards.

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