Bangkok Bikers To Lose Bikes If Found To Have No Licence

Police in Thailand’s capital plan to confiscate motorbikes if drivers are found to be without a licence or insurance. Although they will give them back to the owners.

The ministry has ordered Bangkok’s cops to get tough on illegal motorcyclists.

They will also tackle other offences such as driving the wrong way, driving on footpaths and speeding. Fines of 500 and 1000 baht can be issued to offenders.

But why stop at Bangkok?

Bike riders in Pattaya are always causing havoc on the roads as they ride against the flow of the traffic. Pedestrians put their lives at risk walking around the city, for where there are pavements, there are generally motorbikes too.

If the authorities clamped down on these two breaches in the road traffic laws, life would be so much better in Pattaya and maybe they could even save a life or two in the process.

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