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News is spreading across the web and social media about the latest developments in the Bangkok Erawan Shrine bombing that killed 20 People nearly two weeks ago.

Police officers raided an apartment in the North of Bangkok today, Saturday 29th August, and have discovered possible bomb making equipment.

A police spokesman, Prawut Thavorrnsi, stated that the suspect “looks like the one we are looking for.”

The bomb was an effective handmade pipe-bomb device containing hundreds of ball bearings and tore through the capital’s crowded Erawan Shrine on Monday 17th August around 7 p.m.

Suspect caught on camera.

The spokesman also said that the man is a foreigner, but would not state whether he is Turkish or not. Some Bangkok media are reporting that the suspect is Turkish and photos of his arrest have been published.

Police had stated that they suspected the bombing had been planned a month or two in advance and involved at least ten people. They also said a connection with international terrorism was unlikely.

An arrest warrant for the main suspect identified from CCTV footage had been issued, he was seen leaving a backpack at the shrine just before the blast happened. A photo fit image was released, although it appeared to many people the man was disguised in the video.

A reward of 1 million Baht was promptly issued by the Thai authorities for information leading to the culprit being apprehended.

It is not known yet if this reward has played a part in the suspects capture.


Bangkok Bombing – Further update on arrested man

Police have stated on Thai TV today, Saturday 29th August 2015, that the foreign man that has been arrested is not the bomber, but part of a network. They have however linked him with the bomb blasts at Erawan Shrine and Sathon.

Bomb making equipment including ball bearings and all the apparatus required to make pipe bombs were found at the suspects’ 5 room apartment that he had rented in the Nong Cho district of Bangkok.

He was also found to have many fake passports, including his own that has two expiry dates. The suspects’ passport states that he is 28 years old and from Turkey, but as the passport is fake this is yet to be verified.

The man has been taken to the Crime Suppression Division for questioning.

Photo Credit: BBC WORLD NEWS


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