Bangkok Bunnies no longer charges bar fines

That’s right you read it correctly as of Monday the 10th of July Bangkok Bunnies which is located on the ground floor of Nana Plaza will no longer be charging customers a bar fine to take a dancer out of the bar.

There’s not a minimum spend or an amount of lady drinks you have to buy a dancer the only requirement is that you are in the bar having a drink.

So from now on if you’re in Bunnies having a drink and a dancer takes your eye and the two of you work out the details of your evening ahead you can both go on your merry way without having to hand over any cash to the bar.

The bar is trying to do something different and hopes people do not try and abuse their new system and says there has to be a measure of “good faith” on the part of the customer by simply not walking in and strolling of with two or three girls for a night on the town.

Customers will surely be flocking to Bunnies over the next couple of weeks trying to save money on expensive bar fines that go-go’s can charge ranging from anything between 700-1500 baht not to even mention the extortionate amount which some try and charge to unknowing punters.

Hopefully the new business practice will go well and many more bars will adopt the no bar fine approach.

Source : Stickboy Bangkok

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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