A taxi driver working in Bangkok has received a lot of praise today after he successfully returned a missing wallet and its contents, almost 100,000 baht to a Chinese tourist who accidently left it in his cab.

A ceremony was held to hand back the wallet and the substantial contents in front of a crowd at the FM 91 Traffic Pro Station in the Chatuchak district of Bangkok between taxi driver Wittaya Prapai, 47, originally from Buri Ram who handed it back to its owner Liu Fan, 41, from China.

Liu accidently dropped the wallet in Wittaya’s car on January 15 when he travelled from Don Mueang Airport to the Soi Nuanchan area of the city, it was later found by Wittaya and a female passenger.

Bangkok cabbie praised for returning nearly 100,000 baht to Chinese tourist.

The wallet had no identification inside but had a total of 94,320 baht in Chinese and Thai currency inside.

Wittaya called the radio station and asked for help to track down the wallets owner saying “I have to find the owner because this money is not mine.”

While this was all happening Liu filed a report with Khok Khram police on January 15 who pieced the whole thing together and arranged for the pair to meet and hand back the missing wallet.

Liu praised the honest taxi driver and called him a good person and gave him 5,000 baht as a reward.

This is not the first time Wittaya has gone out of his way to return property left in his taxi, back in December he tracked down a tourist from Singapore who left 10,000 baht in his car.

Have you ever left anything in a taxi whilst here in Thailand? Did it find its way back to you? Let us know in the comments section.

Source : The Nation

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