Bangkok has come in first place for best value long-haul city breaks for travellers departing from the UK.

In a report by Post Office Travel Money Bangkok was found to be the cheapest city for 11 typical tourist expenses such as dining, sightseeing, hotels and airport transfers.

There spot in first place was largely to do with the price of hotels, where a three night stay in a four-star hotel could be found for £177 (7700 baht).

Tokyo grabbed the second spot largely as a result of the cost of food where a three course meal and a bottle of wine will set people back roughly £40 (1750 baht).

Beijing came in third on the list. Long-haul city breaks are becoming more popular among travelers due to wider availability of long distance flights and their competitive pricing.

Source: YorkshireeveningPost

Content: LovePattayaThailand



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