As many residents peace out of the capital city to enjoy their lengthy Songkran holidays, a wonderful sense of empty has descended on Bangkok.

The streets are strangely empty – which, if you’ve ever spent even 10 minutes here, is an extremely weird but wonderful rarity.

The capital’s roads have been dubbed the “biggest parking lot in the world,” for their constant traffic coagulation. Today, everything looks easy breezy and beautiful – just look at all the green on Google’s traffic heatmap.

While Songkran officially runs Saturday through Monday, it’s being observed starting today and through Wednesday this year. Hence, the heavenly roads.

No one contemplating suicide today at the Asok Phetchaburi Junction

Happy to cross you, Charoen Phon Intersection (Pathum Wan district)

“A dream for those who work and live in Bangkok,” a Thai PBS reporter driving in northern Bangkok tweeted.

Not hating you at all today, Ratchadaphisek Road

Plenty of room to spread out on the BTS this morning

So by all means, dear readers, leave. Seriously, get out of here! Go enjoy the holidays. We’ll be just fine here in Bangkok.


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