Bangkok is Sinking!!!

Bangkok, capital city of Thailand and home to nearly 10 million people is sinking…

The city was constructed on top of what was once marshland. The ground underneath is
pretty much like a moist sponge. Picture a heavy brick sat on top of a large cake, over time the brick would pretty much squash it after sinking deeply into it.

Bangkok is Sinking!!!

Ok, eventually the sinking will stop, but there is a big problem! Bangkok isn’t a cake? Well, yes that too, but Bangkok will sink below the water table, with estimates of being completely submerged by 2100!

Wow, that’s not good news for one of the most visited capital cities in the world!

Thailand’s disaster experts have been warning everyone for years. The floods of 2011 were a wakeup call for sure and an indication of the shape of things to come, but most people seem to be more interested in making a quick buck and not really considering the long term future of this capital city.

Bangkok is Sinking!!! 

Estimates were that Bangkok is sinking by around 3 inches per year, but more recent studies show that this is closer to 4 inches. One expert suggests that the capital could be under five feet of water by 2030, that’s only 15 years away!

As we enter Thailand’s rainy season the threat of flooding is ever present. So what are the possible solutions to what seems to be unavoidable? Well there are two main choices. First up is do nothing!


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