People in Bangkok caught without a helmet on a motorcycle from December 25 won’t be having a very Merry Christmas as they will now be subject to 1,000 baht fines as part of the police’s new ‘get tough’ approach to tackling the issue.

Not only will those caught violating the law which includes passengers be subject to the steep fine they will also have their bike confiscated until they go and purchase a helmet.

The new approach was announced by deputy commissioner Jiraphat Pjoomjit as part of a three phase scheme to help reduce the number of fatalities on roads in the capital.

Bangkok police getting 'tough' on people caught without helmets

The order went out to all 88 police stations across the capital to instruct their officers to strictly inforce the law, the warning period from 11 to 17 of December is now officially over.

From today until December 24, those caught breaking the law will not receive fines but will have their bikes confiscated until they go and get a helmet.

From December 25 both the steep fine and the confiscation of a violator’s bike will come into effect.

Jiraphat said that just letting people off with a small fine for the offence was no longer the answer hence the new tougher approach to solve the issue.

It was announced that there are some 3,400,000 motorcycle users in the nation’s capital and the new tougher approach to making people wear protective headgear would dramatically reduce the number of deaths on the roads.

It was reported that this is not just a New Year’s temporary measure but a permanent move that is here to stay.

Source: INN

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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