Bangkok ranked as second-most visited city in the world for 2017

2017 has been a good year for tourism in Thailand and it appears that other people have noticed as well after a report was released on Tuesday (November 7) by Euromonitor International which stated Bangkok was the second-most visited city in the world losing out on the top spot to Hong Kong.

The “Top 100 City Destinations Ranking of 2017” report detailed future travel trends as well as opportunities and challenges for the cities listed.

In 2017 Bangkok received 21.2 million visitors narrowly beating London to the second place which received 19.2 million followed by Singapore, Macau, Dubai then Paris.

Bangkok ranked as second-most visited city in the world for 2017

The report highlighted that Asia cities improved in this year’s ranking largely due to the number of Chinese tourists now traveling abroad.

Senior travel analyst working for Euromonitor International, Wouter Geerts noted that the Asia-Pacific region as being the standout region for travel only expecting the number of tourists traveling to Asia to continue rising and Singapore is expected to claim the third spot on the list by 2025.

Geerts said the report outlined why some cities were prospering more than others and how emerging trends were going to reshape travel and the rankings by 2025.

Source: The Nation

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