Bangkok literally sinking in sex as brothels steal groundwater

Officials have said that so much water is used in the capitals massage parlours and ahem other such venues that they are contributing to Bangkok sinking.

The venues are supposedly illegally drawing water from groundwater for bathing and other such purposes that they are speeding up Bangkok’s subsidence where last year the capital sank 1cm into the ground an expert warned yesterday.

Bangkok literally sinking in sex as brothels steal groundwater

This is not the first time illegally sourcing groundwater has caused a major problem for the city.

A decade ago the groundwater department said that concerns about the city subsiding were so severe that they started fining any establishment caught drawing groundwater from illegal sources and the problem stopped.

Bangkok literally sinking in sex as brothels steal groundwater

Chuwit Kamolvisit a former massage parlour owner now politician said that in a typical massage parlour the customer often has a shower before having a massage then a bath afterwards, these baths are more like small pool’s, he noted that on average they use 1,000 litres of water and a room can be used on average three times a night with some massage parlours in the capital having up to 100 rooms.

Many of Bangkok’s massage parlours are located on Ratchadaoisek Road, the chief of police for that jurisdiction said that he has not received instruction to check any parlours for illegal water use.

Officials have warned that if Bangkok continues to sink at a rate of 1cm per year its location will result in serious flooding within the next 20 years if something is not done.   

Source : Khaosod

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