A Taxi driver in Bangkok has managed to return a purse containing $6,500 (215,000 baht) that was accidently left in his cab to its rightful owner, a Romanian tourist who had just arrived in Thailand on Monday morning.

He contacted a local radio station in Bangkok to help him track down the woman after he spotted the purse on the floor in the back of his taxi shortly after dropping the woman off outside of the Royal Princess Hotel in Sanam Luang.

The driver Sunthorn Ankhian, 46, contacted FM 91 who helped him track down the owner Chirila Gabriela, 58, and they all met up at the radio station at 1.30pm to hand back the purse and the sizable sum of cash.

Sunthorn said “I was excited to find that high amount of money, I felt sorry for the tourist, she would definitely be in trouble if she didn’t get it back.”

Chirila said she cried after realising she had lost her purse but her husband quickly calmed her down saying that the driver would return the purse because Thais are good.

The no doubt very relieved tourist gave the kind hearted taxi driver some money as a reward though it was not reported how much.

Source  : The Nation

Content : LovePattayaThailand


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