Bangkok Taxis 8th Cheapest In The World

It probably won’t come as a big surprise to most but Bangkok is in the top ten cheapest cities in the world to take a ride in a taxi, according to the 2017 Taxi Price Index, carried out by Carspring, a British online used car dealership.

Out of 80 of the most visited cities in the world Bangkok came in 8th spot on the survey based on taking a 3 kilometre trip which saw the far in a Bangkok cab amount to 55 baht (£1.25).

Bangkok Taxis 8th Cheapest In The World

The cheapest taxi in the world can apparently be found in Cairo, Egypt where the same distance ride will set you back 18.5 baht (£0.42) followed in second by Mumbai, India at 47 baht (£1.07) and Jakarta, Indonesia at 49 baht (£1.11).

The most expensive taxi was found to be in Zurich, Switzerland where the 3km trip could set you back as much as 1,160 baht (£26.47).

Other cities at the top of the list for being the most expensive included Geneva, Tokyo and Helsinki.

Source : Coconuts

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