Base jumper attaches parachute to skin using hooks!

Ton Sai in Krabi Province Thailand is a haven for adventure sport enthusiasts. Josh Miramant from Maine in the USA pushed his body to the limit. “It’s a beautiful morning to do something stupid!” He said.

Josh had four 8 mm hooks pierced through the skin of his back. He then set out on a half hour hike up a 115m cliff known as Ton Sai Wall. A parachute was attached to the hooks in his back, the time had come for his most epic base-jump. Josh relied on his skin to withhold the strain of the pull of the canopy as it filled with air to slow down his descent.

He counted down, “Three, two, one, see ya…..!” And jumped. The video was shot on what looks like a Go Pro, so you clearly see Josh in slow motion take this crazy jump. He was followed by his friend, both of which landed safely on the beach below.

The first thought that comes to mind is did it Hurt? Josh reported that he had so much adrenalin flowing around his body that it blocked the pain, even though the piercings in his back bleed quit a lot. It must have hurt like crazy the following day!

This isn’t the first time someone has base jumped using hooks pierced through the back skin to attach a parachute, but the next question is, why would you want to do this? It really is all about thrill seeking, the adrenalin rush experienced when doing super dangerous stunts like this is quite addictive and potentially very dangerous.

This really isn’t recommended for the faint hearted!


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