Bear that attacked Thai man is depressed and unhealthy

After mauling a drunk Thai man Kaew, a six-year-old Asian black bear has been moved from her home at a monastery to a government wildlife centre

A wildlife department spokesman Sompot Maneerat said that Kaew has not adapted well to her new enclosure at the Khao Kho Wildlife Captive Breeding Centre.

Sompot said that the animal is overweight noting that it took 10 men to carry her after she was anesthetized, she will have a full check-up before being moved to a new enclosure that more closely imitates nature.

He also noted that depression is common in animals that get relocated.

Bear that attacked Thai man is depressed and unhealthy

Kaew has traded a large open enclosure with the company of wild boars for solitary confinement in a small concrete pen, it’s understandable to be depressed.

On Thursday Kaew mauled a drunk Thai man who entered her enclosure at the Luang Pu Lamai Monastery after he reportedly teased the bear.

Doctors used almost 1,000 stitches to close the puncture wounds suffered in the attack.

Sompot said the bear had stopped eating and was showing signs of distress after being moved to the centre.

They are in talks to see if it will be possible to return her to the wild but say it will depend on the success of her rehabilitation.

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