Begpackers - Right Or Wrong?

You will see them in Bangkok or indeed most popular tourist cities across Asia these days. White people, begging for money on a cities streets, with their backpacks near by.

They may be selling postcards or playing an instrument in the hope that passers-by donate money to their holiday fund.

It could be because they drank too much Thai Whisky the night before or they have simply gone over budget but at the end of the day, they are begging on the streets of Bangkok for cash to fund their holiday.

Thailand has many beggars, mainly genuine people who are poor, disabled or people trying to feed their children during their day to day hardship, so imagine how they must feel, when they see farang’s scrounging money to pay for what is a “luxury” in their eyes.

Most of us have dipped our hands into our pockets and given an elderly woman, a mother and child or an invalid 20 baht to help them out financially but would you give 20 baht to pay for a tourists holiday?

Many see it as wrong, claiming that in some countries, people struggle to find enough money to feed themselves and yet see tourists cadging cash from people.

Poverty is rife in many parts of Asia, so to see this behaviour from foreigners must be a kick in the teeth for the poor.

Tell us – could you be “begpacker”?

Would you donate some of your money to the “Cheap Charlie’s” who arrive in Thailand knowing they do not have sufficient funding to pay their way?

Source : TelegraphUK

Content : LovePattayaThailand


  1. No-one forces anyone to buy from street vendors or give money to beggars or the poor. Young people travelling cheaply are bringing themselves down to a basic level which can only enrich their life experiences. I have never had to do it to travel but have picked up hitch-hikers and traveled from one side of Australia to the other myself as a hitch-hiker when I was young. I’d rather see these young people around than the rich, couldn’t care less, spoilt ones never really trying to understand the culture or people of the places they visit.


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