Begpackers selling flags on the streets of Bangkok, is this a new con?

A week ago a story emerged on social media of an unidentified foreign man handing out Thai flags at an intersection along with a small piece of paper.

Each time a car stopped the man would hand the flag and piece of paper to the car’s driver before seeming to have both items handed straight back, the poster of the picture and caption wrote “I’m not sure if she is trying to sell them.”

A week later another photo has appeared online this time of an unidentified foreign woman seemingly selling both royal and Thai flags again at an intersection close to the customs department in the Klong Toey district in Bangkok.

Begpackers selling flags on the streets of Bangkok, is this a new con?

The woman apparently again hands potential customers a note but this one alleges she is deaf and selling the flags to raise money to buy a hearing aid, however many have questioned if she requires a work permit to sell the flags.

Both routines seem very similar could it be that both are hard of hearing?

Many commented online that the woman who appears to be from somewhere in Europe might be trying to pull a fast one as if she really was deaf she would be entitled to a free hearing aid back home.

Others commented that selling flags appeared to be another way for begpackers to extract money from the Thai people to fund their traveling.

Source : Coconuts

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