In Hau Hin, a Belgian man has jumped to his death.

Police arrived at a town centre hotel after being alerted of a man’s impending suicide attempt. Upon arrival, they found the man sitting on the edge of the roof, with his legs dangling over the side.

The police attempted to calm the man down but in his state of mind, he would not permit anyone to approach him.

For almost two hours police chatted to the fatigued gent before he eventually stood up and jumped.

Despite emergency services having laid down air cushions, the man died from injuries sustained.

Pol Sithichai said “the Belgian and his friends jointly invested in a restaurant in Hua Hin. The business ran into financial issues. He also had problems with a recently purchased house.”

Another person claimed the man had argued with a woman from an accountancy firm, who had been stabbed, when she refused to hand over the man’s passport.


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