This is a story that may shock many of you!

Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport is ranked in the top ten worst airports in the world. Really?

The study is based on punctuality, quality and service. Have these people ever used Suvarnabhumi Airport? Compared to many, the capitals airport is magnificent.

The survey, carried out by AirHelp, a company which helps passengers obtain compensation from airlines for flight delays. They say they asked customers for feedback across 76 international airports.

So lets see who it is ranked alongside.

They named Kuwait as being the worst, with UK airports, Gatwick, Manchester, Stansted and Edinburgh being ranked amongst the poorest.

The Best And The Worst Airports In the World Are..........

How they can compare Suvarnabhumi to Stansted or Edinburgh is baffling.

They also surveyed airlines with the results showing Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways being the three outstanding companies to travel with.

Ones to avoid were named as Bulgaria Air, SmartWings and Tunisair. No Thai airlines were named in the best or worst airlines top ten list.

Tell us what your worst airports are and of course the best.

Source : Thaivisa

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  1. Love this airport, super clean, everyone that work there very helpfull , looks great inside and outside . Will be back in airport in December and am looking forward to been there again .

  2. Have you ever transited at Bangkok airport, arriving from a long haul flight, having to go through another round of security screening, waiting in a long line stretching beyond the travellator before even being able to get up the escalator into the snaking queue of the screening room, with one of the strictest requirements of what needs to be taken out and off? And once you arrive at your destination from Bangkok, there is another security screening on arrival because that country does not trust the screening in Suvarnabhumi? Have you ever arrived on transit, having to walk more than 1km from one end to the other for your connecting flight? Have you ever relied on the information on the screen, waiting to go from the lounge to the gate only to find out that it was wrong and boarding had not even started? Then spending another half an hour in the crowded waiting area of the gate, unable to find a seat instead of having waited more comfortably outside just because the screen said ‘Boarding’? Have you ever wondered why there is a significant flight delay but the information on the screen and at the gate still shows the originally planned departure time?
    Have you ever spent a long time at security screening, slowly inching forward, only to come down to immigration and join another completely crowded hall with long waiting times to clear immigration?
    How about arriving at an unfortunate time where you are not even able to walk up to the immigration counter but have to join a long queue to be able to join the actual queue for immigration?
    I guess the answer is ‘No’ to all of the above. Otherwise you would not be taken by surprise that your favorite airport is at the end of the list.
    The airport may have a nice variety of shops but they aren’t cheap. The food places aren’t that great either.
    What matters most to travelers is however still everything related to the immediate travel. And for that, I really start looking for alternatives if I need to transit just to avoid the hassle of going through Suvarnabhumi.


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