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No matter what the outcome of a dispute within the Hells Angels motorbike club the ex-Sergeant at arms will never be allowed to return to the club due to many infractions of club rules. Both foreign and Thai club members voted unanimously to ban the ex Sergeant at arms from the club which was a decision the biker was not willing to accept.

The Hells Angels motorbike club strongly deny his claim that he was beaten by Australian club members because he made approaches to the press & police this week.

The biker apparently was boasting to other Thai members of the club that he intended to go to police and try to get the Australian members kicked out of the country even before the actual fight. He also made many threats to club members through social media including sending a photo of his foot which is deemed to be highly insulting within Thai culture.

hells angels

To top things off after he was voted out this unhappy biker rolled up to a members meeting with a baseball bat and stared threatening other bikers who were at the meeting. Then he began “calling out” several Australian members of the chapter.

One of the Australian members who actually lives in Bangkok accepted the challenge, which led to a showdown on March the 7th. This one on one fist fight was witnessed by over 20 Thai & foreign people who saw the ex Sergeant at arms receive quite a beating, after which everyone in attendance were under the impression the matter & dispute was now over and done with which is the way Hells Angels normally settle things.

The beaten biker however had other ideas, so he filed an assault charge with police claiming he was beaten four against one. Apart from this he also went to the press claiming infiltrators in the club had beaten him up. The infiltrators he was referring to of course were the Australian members of the chapter.

His claims have been dismissed by many of the clubs Thai members who naturally prefer to remain anonymous. They say he was thrown out of the club by a national vote but was unwilling to accept this decision. All this happened before the fight took place, at members quickly point out the beaten biker was the one who actually instigated the fight in the first place.

Finally as we pointed out earlier he will never be allowed to return as a Hells Angel member.


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