Biometric data now required to buy a SIM card in Thailand

According to reports the governments new laws surrounding the purchase of SIM cards here in the kingdom has now gone into force meaning people wishing to purchase one now need to either have their fingerprints recorded or their face scanned, the new measures have caused quite a stir among privacy advocates.

According to the National Broadcasting Telecommunications Commission head Supakarn Boonjan the biometric measures are the final phase of new SIM card registration which came into effect in February.

The new law now means both Thai citizens and foreign visitors must submit their biometric data if they wish to purchase a SIM card.

Biometric data now required to buy a SIM card in Thailand

Speaking about the new registration procedures a spokesman for the NBTC also said it is the governments wish that everyone who has purchased a SIM card prior to the new measures being in place also submit their data, however a means of carrying this out has yet to be established.

The government claims the new measures are to improve security and stability in the kingdom in the wake of unrest in parts of the kingdom over recent years where SIM cards purchased anonymously have been used to carry out crimes and in extreme cases used to detonate bombs such as the Erawan Shrine bomb in 2015.

Many have stressed concerns over privacy of users as a result of the new regulations with some stating authorities could monitor a user’s movements using GPS from their device, though the government has stressed this is not their intention.

Biometric data now required to buy a SIM card in Thailand

According to Supakarn all Pattaya based vendors of SIM cards are now equipped with devices capable of recording the necessary biometric data of both Thai and foreign customers.

Thai citizens will have their fingerprints checked with those taken for their national identification card or their face scanned and checked against the picture on their ID card.

Foreign citizens will have their face scanned and matched against their passport to prove their identity.

Have you brought a SIM card since the new regulations came into force? Did you have to supply biometric data? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: Pattaya Mail

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