Biometric tech to be used to stop foreign criminals entering Thailand

According to the Immigration Police Bureau (IPB) commissioner Lt Gen Suthipong Wongpin officers across Thailand will soon be using biometric technology to detect foreign criminals attempting to come to Thailand claiming to be tourists.

The commissioner said that currently immigration officers scan tourist’s fingerprints to see if they are on the blacklist from entering Thailand.

He said however that the current system is not 100 percent effective, some criminals have returned to their home countries and returned under different names.

Plans are being put in place to use biometric scanning devices which will use facial recognition and other facts to determine a person’s true identity, the devices are currently being installed and are expected to be operational soon.

The commissioner said that IPB officers have increased measures to prevent foreign criminals from operating in the kingdom apprehending multiple gangs of different nationalities including Chinese, Algerian, Indonesian and Nigerian gangs.

Source: Thai PBS

Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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