Bomb Scare At Suvarnabhumi Is False Alert

Panic set in on a plane as it awaited take off at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, when a man shouted “I have a bomb”.

Flight PG 145 was due to leave for Koh Sumui but the emergency services were alerted and the plane grounded following the man’s claim.

The Bangkok Airway’s plane was escorted to the edge of the airport and passengers told to disembark before they were moved to the airport’s fire station.

Security officers searched the plane including all luggage that was on board as bomb disposal units went about their business. No suspicious objects were located during their inspection of the interior and luggage hold.

Passengers were provided with food and drink to ease their nerves as they awaited to board their rescheduled flight. They boarded a few hours later and continued their journey safely.

An unnamed Swedish national was detained following the incident and is being question by police.


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