Booze Ban in Bangkok

A new law has been created that bans all venues, bars, shops and restaurants from selling alcohol, apart from registered hotels and government approved entertainments zones within 300 metres of schools in Bangkok.

It’s not yet clear if this ruling applies across the country. There are many schools in central Bangkok, so there will be many affected businesses.

The areas marked in red show affected locations in central Bangkok. Under the new law, alcohol will not be sold anywhere but registered hotels in the marked zones.

Booze Ban in Bangkok

The law has been introduced to help prevent student drinking and violence. There are many bars, shops and restaurants in central Bangkok that will be affected. It seems that even Soi Cowboy falls into an exclusion zone!

How will the bars here survive if they cannot sell alcohol? Surely an exemption will be made for this world famous soi?

The trade association that represents alcohol sellers stated that this law will be ineffective and stricter measures should be put in place to prevent sales of alcohol to students.

The new law enacted under the governments section 44 special powers legislation says; “No person shall sell alcohol beverages within 300 meters from the boundary line of tertiary education institution and vocational institution

pursuant to the laws on national education,” the order amending the Alcohol Beverage Control Act states.

Booze Ban in Bangkok

This seems to indicate this is a national law and no just one for Bangkok. If so how will this effect Pattaya? Luckily there’s not so many schools near the main party and bar zones here, but more research is required to measure the impact here.

According to the paper, the law will come into effect on 27th August 2015.


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