What better way is there to celebrate retirement than a trip to Thailand?

Well it seems American boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is of the same opinion after hanging up his gloves again to come out of retirement to beat UFC fighter Conor McGregor to end his illustrious career 50-0.

The 40-year-old legend of the game is no stranger to posting pictures of his lavish lifestyle on social media and recently uploaded a set of new pictures from Phuket which he shared with his 19.6 million followers.

Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather living it up on Phuket Vacation

Pictured on a Yacht off of the famous James Bond islands down south Mayweather seems to be living it up while here in Thailand and who can blame him after reportedly earning a massive $180 million for his final fight.

Mayweather stated on the pictures “I don’t know about y’all but I’m living!”

Judging from the photos he posted it sure looks like he is and what better place to live it up than Thailand, who knows maybe he will make it as far as Pattaya while here in the land of smiles.

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Content: Love Pattaya Thailand


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