Boy, 14, Admits to Sodomizing Young Boy in a Stream

BURI RAM: A 14-year-old boy has admitted to sodomizing his 6-year-old playmate in Krasang district on Saturday, police said.

Pol Col Suchart Lalee, chief of Krasang police station, said on Thursday that the older boy had earlier admitted only to tying the young boy to a tree at a temple in tambon Sung Noen.

Under questioning, on Thursday he finally confessed to the offence of sodomy, but insisted it had only started out as fun.

The 14-year-old would be charged with physical assault and molestation, the chief said.

Boy, 14, Admits to Sodomizing Young Boy in a Stream

The father of the molested boy filed a complaint with local police on Sunday, saying the 14-year-old and another boy, 8, arrived his house on Saturday morning and invited his young son to go swimming with them in a stream about one kilometre away.

He quoted his son as saying later that the oldest boy sodomized him in the stream. They then played football at their school.

Boy, 14, Admits to Sodomizing Young Boy in a Stream

Later, his young son said he was forced to walk to a nearby temple and the 8-year-old was ordered to strip him and tie him to a tree. His son shouted for help until an adult passing by heard and freed him in the evening.

Police were treating the 8-year-old as a witness. The 6-year-old boy was admitted to Buri Ram Hospital.

Source : BangkokPost


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