The tale of the long distance cycle trip that two young boys made to see there imprisoned father has touched the hearts of people online.

Apichai Manthong a guard in the front of the prison shared the story on his Facebook account. The two young lads told him they had left their village, Ban Non Khoon at 7:30 in the morning and arrived at the prison at 12:10 having cycled 50 kilometres and in the process one had smashed his phone.

The two brothers politely requested to see their incarcerated father but it was unfortunately not visiting day so they were not able to see him.


It was then an official produced a record book with a photo of their father and the boys were apparently elated after discovering his release date which was recorded next to the picture.

The boys were now apparently living with their grandmother as their mum had gone to work in Bangkok. The lads said it was the school holidays so they decided to try and visit there dad who they missed.

Apichai was so touched by the young lad’s tale that he gave them 100 baht each to get lunch and filled their water bottles up before they left. In his Facebook post he urged family members to bring the brothers to the prison next time as the roads from their village to the prison could be very dangerous.

Comments online stated it was sad that the two lad’s cycled all that way without being able to see their dad.

Source : Thaivisa

Content : Love Pattaya Thailand


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