Bad Hair day 2

A British woman, who paid 1,500 for a hair transplant in Bangkok, was left resembling the bride of Frankenstein, following a botched operation.

Adele Deane, 39, came to Bangkok to have the procedure carried out because it was a quarter of the cost of the same operation in the UK.

But the surgery left Adele with an obvious scar along her hairline, thin patches of hair and a pale strip of skin where surgeons stitched across her scalp.

She later sought reconstructive surgery from a London based hair surgeon to repair the damage.

Following the farcical surgery in Bangkok, she spent 17 hours under the knife in a Harley Street clinic to have the damage repaired. The skills of the surgeon have removed all traces of what Adele called “the butcher’s” work.

Adele is familiar with major surgery procedures having been born a male. During her life she discovered she had the physical characteristics of both male and female, known as intersex.

She decided on a course of surgical procedures to become a woman, which included breast implants and nose surgery. However she was suffering from baldness due to many years of taking testosterone and planned for the hair transplant as a remedy.

Adele is now content with her new hair, thanks to Dr. Asim Shahmalak, from the Crown Clinic in Harley Street, London.

Source : AsiaJack

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