Brit couple tell Thai restaurant owner in UK to go back to own country

The owner of a Thai food restaurant in the UK, Gloucester to be precise has spoken out after a couple allegedly ate all her food, refused to pay the bill, insulted staff and told the her to go back to her own country.

Kittima Manmaunjun, the owner of Bangkok Canteen said a British couple in their mid-30’s ate dinner at her restaurant on Sunday night (November 5.)

She said the couple initially complained that their starter Thai fish cakes were too chewy despite both eating everything on their plates including the decorative garnish.

Brit couple tell Thai restaurant owner in UK to go back to own country

Kittima speaking to Gloucestershire live said that the woman insulted her saying she should go back to where she came from and learn English laws.

She said obviously disgruntled by the chewy fishcakes a dish which is supposed to be served slightly chewy the woman went on to insult two of her waitresses telling them to both learn English laws even though both waitresses were British girls.

Kittima said she was shocked by the woman’s behaviour which nearly reduced her waiting staff to tears.

Following the voiced complaints Kittima said she suggested that the couple not eat their ordered main courses, however the couple insisted on being served a jumbo Tom Yum soup and Massaman curry which reportedly the couple finished every morsel of.

When the bill came it was apparently time for more trouble as when the couple were presented with a bill for £68.50 (3,000 baht) the woman allegedly told Kittima she was not happy with the quality of the food despite eating everything and would only pay £60.

Things obviously weren’t getting resolved so Kittima said she called the police but the unhappy couple done a bunk without paying the bill at all.

Kittima said “the woman said she was a consumer so she could do whatever she wanted.”

Police are now investigating the matter and examining CCTV footage before proceeding further.

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