British Activists Sues In Thailand

Andy Hall, a British rights activist has filed lawsuits against Thai authorities and a large Fruit producer in the Kingdom.

Mr. Hall is accusing the government of unlawful prosecution during a criminal defamation charge in 2014, which was turfed out of court.

The case was brought against him following his publication in 2013, based on a report he carried out for a Finnish group known as “Finnwatch”. The report featured the treatment of migrant workers who were employed by Natural Fruit, Thailand’s largest producer of canned pineapple. The majority of the workers came from Myanmar.

He was subsequently found guilty of criminal defamation due to the content of his report and given a three year suspended jail sentence.

A further case was thrown out of court, which related to a TV interview he provided for Al-Jazeera TV, because the interview took place in Myanmar.

British rights activist Andy Hall arrives at a court to surrender himself into custody in Bangkok

Hall has made allegations that Natural Fruit gave false statements to the authorities. He also accused nine state prosecutors and a senior police officer of “wrongful and malicious exercise of the their duties”.

A lawyer for Natural Fruit, who is one of the accused said “We are all innocent. I will fight this with a counter suit.”

Others implicated in the lawsuit declined to comment.

Source : Coconuts

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