Police in Bor Haew sub-district of Lampang was called to rescue a man who had shut lock himself after an argument with his Thai wife.

When the police managed to get in after a long persuasion, the Thai police was taken aback to find that it was a British man, aged 36, who is learning Thai boxing at a camp in the northern Thai province.

The police found out a major artery injury on his left arm and after providing him assistance was rushed to hospital.

His Thai wife, 35 informed that a fight broke out after her husband had returned home drunk and and tried hitting her in the abdomen. And that’s exactly when he picked up a razor from a table to protect herself in the struggle that followed he was injured.

That’s when she ran out for help.

The victim is now admitted in Lampang Hospital.

Source : Sanook

Content : LovePattayaThailand


  1. It probably serves him right, a gentleman does not, should not, strike his wife. Perhaps the wife should invest in an electric cattle prod in case of future poor behaviour. She could then urge him outside to cool down or sober up without incurring medical costs.

    Love your magazine.


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